Windows Bridge for iOS

Oct – May 2015, Developer Experience Design | Windows and Devices Group(WDG) | Microsoft

Windows Bridge for iOS is a project that allows iOS developers to bring their apps to Windows without re-writing the code. The solution compiles and builds Objective-C projects on Windows, using Visual Studio.

As a UX designer, I led the design effort all up, working closely with the engineering and program managers to deliver a portfolio of deliverables spanning iOS-to-Windows UI translation, controls mapping guidelines, Windows Dev Center design, Visual Studio tools/integration guidance, and created a comprehensive iOS dev journey as they bridge their iOS app to Windows. I also engaged with partner companies to provide design guidance.

As an experienced iOS developer who has published several iOS apps and written iOS programming book, I helped Dev and PM team to prioritize, develop, test, debug UI controls, app models and interactions. I contributed to the project via hands-on coding as well as documenting issues to GitHub,

Personally, I used Windows Bridge for iOS to my own projects – Pori Fashion Show and Typography Insight. They were featured at Microsoft Build 2016 developer conference and Iblogged takeaways and learnings

Presented at Microsoft Build 2016

Typography Insight and Pori Fashion Show at Microsoft Build 2016 Developer Conference

Published articles on Windows Developer Center

Bringing Pori Fashion Show to Windows Using Windows Bridge for iOS
Bringing Pori Fashion Show to Windows (Part 2)

Pori Fashion Show – Objective-C based iOS app Running on Windows 10

Engineering/PM partner feedback

Project homepage