Type In Space for HoloLens 2

Type is beautiful in Mixed Reality. Type In Space for HoloLens 2 allows you to directly interact with beautiful type and lay out in the physical space using fully articulated hand tracking input. Check out design & development story on Medium. Available on Microsoft Store in Windows Holographic.

COVID-19 Data Visualization

This project explores how volumetric data can be presented in the physical space and manipulated with HoloLens 2's direct hand-tracking input. Project available on GitHub.

Typography Insight

“Anyone who loves books, words, history, or fine art — even in the slightest bit — will find Typography Insight as intoxicating as Wikipedia and as fun as a video game.”
Fast Company

“The app isn’t a dull list of typefaces. It’s excitingly interactive, enabling you to experiment with kerning (the space between letters) to see how it transforms the way text looks, and to compare the same characters in different typefaces.”

Available on iPad | iPhone | Mac with Apple silicon

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