Principal Product Designer
Input Design Team, System Foundation, Reality Labs
Full-time, Feb 2023 – Present
Seattle, WA

• Quest Shell (OS) multi-modal spatial input interactions
• Interaction SDK
• Mixed Reality
• Presence Platform: Interaction, Scene Understanding, Passthrough, Spatial Anchors


Principal Design Manager
Mesh Design Team, Mixed Reality
Full-time, Sep 2022 – Jan 2023
Redmond, WA

Leading the design team focusing on the Design Language for Microsoft Mesh. Our team is responsible for establishing the visual design, design system, common UI controls & patterns, audio design, and design integration.

Microsoft Mesh
Mixed Reality Design Language


Principal UX Designer
HoloLens, Mixed Reality Design & UX Research Team
Full-time, Aug 2016 – Present
Redmond, WA

At Mixed Reality Design team, I am leading the design effort on the developer & creator ecosystem experience, focusing on MRTK’s UX Building Blocks. Our team is working closely with the engineering and research team to build and share the building blocks of the common spatial interaction patterns and UI controls for HoloLens. As a hybrid designer with a graphic design and engineering background, I help the team integrate and realize the design vision by polishing the visual and interaction details of the controls, creating example scenes that demonstrate the building blocks, submitting/reviewing/merging pull requests on GitHub, writing design & development guidelines.

• Open source project Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK)‘s UX building blocks
• Mixed Reality design guidelines on Microsoft Docs
• Mixed Reality tutorial
• Developer community engagement & design evangelism
• Partner company design consultations
Internal & external tools design for designers and creators
• Cross-group collaborations for integrating Microsoft technologies with Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality Documentation –
Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK2) –
Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK3) –
Mixed Reality Design Labs –


Senior UX Designer
Developer Experience Design Team, Windows and Devices Group(WDG)
Full-time, Oct 2015 – Jul 2016
Redmond, WA

Led the design effort for Windows Bridge for iOS (project Islandwood), focusing on the UX translation between iOS and Windows. Helped Dev and PM team to prioritize, develop, test, debug UI controls, app models, and interactions, based on my personal experience in iOS app development. Presented personal projects at Microsoft Build 2016 developer conference, as examples of the apps using Windows Bridge for iOS.
Windows Bridge for iOS


Senior UX Designer
Information and Content Experience Design, Applications and Services Group(ASG)
Full-time, Aug 2013 – Sep 2015
Redmond, WA

Led the common UX framework design for Bing/MSN apps – News, Sports, Money, Weather, Travel, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink. Led the visual design, information architecture, and overall UX to achieve a cohesive design.
MSN apps for iOS & Android
MSN apps for Windows 10


UX Designer II
Application Media and Publishing Design Team (AMP), Application Experiences (AppEx)
Full-time, Aug 2011 – Jul 2013
Redmond, WA

Worked as lead designer for Windows default apps. Led visual design, information architecture, and overall UX.
Bing/MSN Sports app for Windows 8
Bing/MSN Finance app for Windows 8
Bing/MSN Health&Fitness app for Windows 8.1
Bing/MSN Sports app for Windows Phone 8
Bing/MSN Health&Fitness app for Windows Phone 8

Samsung Electronics

Software Development Engineer
Next Generation Terminals Team, Telecommunication R&D Center
Full-time, Feb 2005 – Mar 2007
Suwon, Korea

삼성전자 통신연구소 차세대 단말팀 선행단말 Lab.
• Developed software for GSM / UMTS / WCDMA 3G Mobile UI / MMI
• Integrated design for the Phone Shell / Idle / Settings / Main menu
• Researched next-generation GUI solutions for SHP / Mocha platform

Republic of Korea Army

Military Service as infantry
Apr 2001 – Jun 2003
Daejeon, Korea


Parsons School of Design

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
Design & Technology
2009 – 2011
New York, NY

Teaching Fellow
• Taught Creativity & Computation Lab class
• Designed and developed a full curriculum and course materials
• Taught programming basics for the first-year graduate students – Processing, Arduino, openFrameworks, and Flash AS3

Samsung Art & Design Institute

Visual Communication Design
2007 – 2009
Seoul, Korea

Korea University

Bachelors Degree of Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering
1998 – 2005 (Military Service 2001-2003)
Seoul, Korea


도전! 아이폰 프로그래밍 (iCan iPhone Programming)

Co-authored with Yong Shin
2012, Best-selling iOS programming book in Korea

도전! 아이폰 4 프로그래밍 (iCan iPhone 4 Programming)

Co-authored with Yong Shin
2011, Best-selling iOS programming book in Korea


Microsoft Achievement Award (Sabbatical)


​​​​​​MSAA is a sabbatical program that allows the company to retain and revitalize eligible employees (L66+, 10yrs at Microsoft) who, by virtue of their high-level positions, experience, and proven performance, would be difficult to replace.

Microsoft Innovation Awards


​​​​​​Microsoft India Development Center Innovation Awards 2013 Winner
Sports App for Windows 8 – ‘World-class Consumer Experience’

Departmental Honors

Parsons School of Design

Graduation with Departmental Honors


“Yoon is a shining example of a person who reaches across organizational and group boundaries to make things better. Yoon has always been a key figure in the success of MRTK.”

Will Wei – Principal Dev Lead, MRTK, Mixed Reality Engineering, Microsoft

“You are very good at organizing what work needs to be done between design and dev UX. Aside from organizing all the work needed to hit shell parity early on, you demonstrated this again very recently by organizing a group to complete improvements to the hand menu. In my mind, you are one of the powerhouses of the HoloLens 2 program, one of the people really making a big impact on our team from the UX and MRTK sides.”

Julia Schwarz – Principal Engineer, MRTK, Mixed Reality Engineering, Microsoft

“Yoon is a great spokesperson for our efforts with Designers and Developers. As we have learned from early engagements, I see a lot of those learnings appear in his work and output to the community.”

Eric Havir – Principal Program Manager, Mixed Reality Commercialization, Microsoft

“I really feel like we have a body of work that far exceeds what you’d typically expect from a single dev and prototype designer (especially when your and his time are also split between multiple projects). We couldn’t have gotten this far without you and your kind, collaborative, thoughtful, and skillful approach to the work.”

Matt Zeller – Senior Program Manager, Mixed Reality, Microsoft

“You are super insightful and proactive. You are a great customer advocate and truly bring huge value to our developer community with the work you do for the developer platform.. This extends beyond just typical design – you share great perspectives from a developer viewpoint too. Seeing you work with the ISVs was admirable.”

Graham Bury – Principal Program Manager, Mixed Reality, Microsoft

“You have an amazing combination of bias for action paired with balanced design and development skills. It’s been a pleasure to work with you because you evangelize the MRTK globally, and advocate for great documentation to serve both designers and developers.”

Sean Kerawala – Program Manager, Mixed Reality, Microsoft

“You have a keen ability to clearly/concisely amplify your work and I think this is thanks, in part, to your ability to listen to feedback and iterate your message. Whether it’s short videos/GIFs, short emails… you sum up what’s been done and the impact that the work has had extremely well.”

Mark Vitazko – Senior Designer, Mixed Reality Design, Microsoft

“You have been an amazing partner when it comes to aiding our partner companies. You are an invaluable resource when links and design choices need to be made between our different technology stacks.”

Cameron Micka – Principal Software Engineer, Mixed Reality Design, Microsoft

“Yoon maintains a strong social network presence and is a key figure in writing tutorials, producing videos, and generally creating excitement in the community for MRTK and Microsoft MR. I have folks on the team who knew of Yoon by name when they joined and were extremely excited to get to meet him.”

Will Wei – Principal Dev Lead, MRTK, Mixed Reality Engineering, Microsoft

“You generate incredible energy for the MRTK team and our customers with alluring demo videos and articles that show the potential of the platform. I am excited every time I see a new mail from you to learn what awesomeness you are about to unleash. From shell parity which you drove to documentation and getting started which you wrote. You find something that could be better and drive it to completion.”

Chris Becker – Principal Software Engineering Manager, Mixed Reality, Microsoft

“You are a team player and always eager to help others. There are multiple times when I encounter issues with Unity Building or MRTK settings in the Display Calibration Experience app, you always give me detailed suggestions with patience.”

Fei Teng – Senior Software Engineer, Mixed Reality, Microsoft

“Yoon has a good sense of what designers using MRTK need to be productive and painstakingly works to provide documentation and tools to make them successful. I appreciate the care and level of work he provides for MRTK.”

Todd Williams – Senior UX Designer, Mixed Reality Studios, Microsoft

Recommendations (from Linked In)

“Yoon is an incredibly talented designer, a hybrid designer with a rare combination of design/ technical skills, speed, focus, motivation, passion and an incredibly hard work ethic make him a tremendous asset for any team or organization. Yoon was a creative force on my team. It wasn’t just about what he created but how he created – fostering meaningful collaboration, customer/ developer empathy, openness and humility. A can’t think of a better role model for early-in-career designers. I highly recommend.”

Rodney Edwards – VP of Design, Windows Design

“I had the pleasure of working with Yoon at Microsoft for over 5 years. Yoon played a pivotal role in building mixed reality platform tools such as the Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK). He was responsible for building out most of the sample scenes and reusable prefabs within the toolkit. He also led much of the documentation and learning efforts. Yoon is a skilled and experienced professional who consistently delivers high-quality work. He has experience not only in design, but also as a software engineer. He has built and maintains influential mobile apps. And, he has used this experience to guide cross-functional teams towards a common goal. Additionally, Yoon excels at communicating and presenting his work, making it easy for others to understand and buy into his ideas. Overall, I highly recommend Yoon for any project in the field of user experience design, mixed reality, and related areas. I can’t wait to work with him again!”

Cameron Micka – Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft

“Yoon is one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with. He is bold in his design thinking which often leads to new and creative user experience. He is jet fast in producing designs and is one of the few designers who can work on several problems at once. Being well versed in development, he is instrumental in working with the development team to produce the right level of fit and finish for the product. Overall, it is always a pleasure working with him and would love an opportunity to collaborate with him in near future as well. He would be a great asset for any product/design team.”

Saurabh Drolia – Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft Teams

“I worked with Yoon on the Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) at Microsoft and have the highest respect for his work. He did so much for MRTK, from making example apps built with MRTK and making beautiful design prefabs which are used everywhere to writing excellent documentation on Microsoft Docs and also the main github page. I think Yoon is one of the biggest reasons that MRTK received an award as the best developer toolkit for Mixed Reality last year. He is also an excellent communicator and does a fantastic job bridging the gap between engineering and design. He is one of the colleagues at Microsoft that I held in the highest regard for the quality of his work and his dedication. He went above and beyond so many times in his job, it was an inspiration to work with him.”

Julia Schwarz – Principal Engineer, MRTK, Mixed Reality Engineering, Microsoft

“Yoon is one of the most talented designers I have got the pleasure to work with. His creativity and work ethic always amazes everyone who he works with. Yoon is that unique designer who has strong visual design skills yet is very technical and can code/build anything he imagines. He inspires others to do their absolute best.”

Diego Baca – Partner Design Director, Windows Design

“Yoon is one of the most talented, driven and inspiring designers that I have ever had the honor of working with. He not only has an amazing eye for design and attention to detail, he is also able to make his vision a reality no matter what the medium; from designing in graphic creation programs such as Illustrator, to prototyping, to coding an app, and even now to building experiences in 3D, Yoon executes his vision beautifully. His positive attitude, energy, and drive for results are truly inspiring! I highly recommend Yoon, and I really hope that I get the opportunity to work with him again someday.”

Christina Koehn – Principal Creative Director, Windows Design