MSN/Bing Sports for Windows Phone 8

May – Aug 2013, Bing App Experiences(AppEx) | Applications and Services Group(ASG) | Microsoft

The goal of this project was to bring Windows 8’s successful MSN app experiences to Windows Phone 8. Just like the Windows 8 version, we tried to provide a rich content consumption experience just like a magazine.


As the lead designer, I led the overall visual design, information architecture, and UX. As a family product of the Windows Bing/MSN app suite, I tried to achieve visual consistency while leveraging Windows Phone’s navigation and commanding pattern. Based on standard panorama and pivot patterns, I have optimized the content for mobile consumption.

Design Elements

While maintaining the same design languages that I used for the Windows 8 version of the Sports app, the content was optimized for Windows Phone 8’s panorama/pivot navigation structure and the vertical scrolling per pivot.

Common UX Framework & Information Architecture

Initial explorations on how Bing/MSN app’s content can be optimized and structured for Windows Phone 8’s panorama & pivot framework. Since Bing/MSN apps have a rich set of content including news headlines, images, videos, and data points, maximizing the content canvas was crucial.

Header Design Explorations

Immersive Background & Color

Used background image and color as a navigational/wayfinding element just like the Windows 8 version. By seeing the background image which represents the ground type of specific sport, users can instantly understand which league they are currently in.

Below screens show how I was able to achieve the family app look & feel between Windows Phone and Windows version.

Hero Images

Hero image was one of the signature design elements of Bing/MSN apps for windows 8. This was used for some of the important pages such as player profile of the star players.

Data Visualization

Player Stats and Matchup

Team Page Stats

Data Tiles

Various types of data tiles that combine player headshots, team logos, and data points.

Live Tiles & Mix View

Search & Favorite Experience

Based on Windows Phone 8 OS level design with Sports app’s custom entities.

Release Version Screenshots