HoloLens 2 Display Color Calibration Experience

The HoloLens 2 display is a combination of waveguides and light projectors. The project was to provide the configuration experience that allows the user to calibrate the display’s laser curves to ensure the highest visual quality of holograms. The goal was to provide a simple and easy way to calibrate the RGB laser curves without involving complex graph controls.

Collaborated with a program manager, engineers, a colleague designer, and user researchers to clearly understand the problem, define the goal, identify design challenges, and constraints. Through various types of prototypes and research studies, we shaped out the possible experiences that users go through to adjust the laser curves.

This feature was shipped as part of Windows Holographic 21H1 release.



Prototypes made with Unity + MRTK. The final experience was integrated into the OOBE(Out of the Box Experience) project.

Display calibration experience – prototypes