MRTK Figma Toolkit & Figma Bridge

MRTK Figma Toolkit (Design File)

MRTK Figma Toolkit provides 2D versions of the HoloLens 2 style UI controls that are available in the MRTK for Unity or MRTK for Unreal. Designers can use this for creating UI layouts and storyboards.

Figma Bridge for Unity (Unity importer)

MRTK Figma Bridge for Unity allows designers to bring the layout from Figma Toolkit into Unity. The bridge can import UI layout created with MRTK Figma Toolkit, then instantiates corresponding MRTK prefabs with proper position and size. Figma Bridge helps the design integration process and collaboration between designers and developers.


Components with all available visual states in MRTK’s prefab.

Menu & Scene Layout Examples

Created examples to demonstrate how designers can use components to construct simple UI.

Storyboard Examples

Based on our experience in the internal design process, we found that Figma is useful for storyboarding purposes. Using UI components, viewport, and hand models, created series of examples for storyboarding scenario.

Intro Pages on Mixed Reality Docs

Created pages with video content for MRTK Figma Toolkit where designers and creators can discover and learn about the tool.

End-to-end voice-over demo video

Release posts