MRTK3 Public Preview is now available!

We have announced MRTK3 Public Preview at Microsoft Mixed Reality Dev Days 2022. The team has been working hard to bring the industry-leading AR/VR/MR/XR toolkit to the next level with new strong foundations such as OpenXR and Unity XRI (XR Interaction Toolkit). I have been focusing on the UX design area including the new MR Design Language, Theming, examples, and documentation. Can’t wait to see what community can build with the new MRTK3!


Check out many intro sessions on MRTK3 from Microsoft MR Dev Days 2022!

Session title: Building Rich UI for Mixed Reality in MRTK3

Introduced the new Mixed Reality Design Language which was introduced in the Microsoft Mesh app and is now the foundation of MRTK3.

Working with Dynamic Data and Theming in MRTK3

Introduced MRTK3’s theming capabilities, how theming simplifies white-labeling and unlocks accessibility features.