MRTK3 Public Preview

Apr 2021 – 2022, Mixed Reality | Microsoft

MRTK3 is the third generation of Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unity. It’s a Microsoft-driven open-source project accelerating cross-platform mixed reality development in Unity. This new version is built on Unity’s XR Management system and XR Interaction Toolkit. 


Similar to MRTK2, my main focus area was the UX building blocks. I worked closely with the visual design team to bring the new Mixed Reality Design Language to MRTK for the public. Collaborated with the engineering team and technical designers to introduce a new way of building volumetric UI with Unity’s Canvas system which enables flexible and efficient UI layout in Mixed Reality.

UX Building Blocks & Example Scenes

  • Defined the list of the crucial UX building blocks and design items to bring to MRTK3
  • Design integration of MRTK’s UX building blocks
  • Worked with the engineering team to ensure MRTK’s building blocks are extensible and customizable
  • Collaborated with technical artists to polish the visual and interaction details of the building blocks
  • Iterated the design of the new Mixed Reality Design Language based on the internal and external customers’ needs
  • Migrated and updated crucial example scenes from MRTK2
  • Helped the team to create and polish the examples for MRTK3’s new Theming System
  • Created and demonstrated internal prototypes for Accessibility capability using MRTK’s Theming System
Updated geometry with rounded corners for more approachable and friendly experiences
Improved visual feedback for enhanced multi-modal input such as eye-gaze combined with pinch gesture
Improved modular units that support various UI scenarios with permutations
Modular backplate system for building complex layouts that remain clear and usable
Redesigned bounding box visuals to reduce visual noise and enable fluid gaze-powered interactions
Integration with RectTransform and Unity Canvas that supports dyanmic and flexible layout

Figma Toolkit for MRTK3

  • Created, updated, and polished Figma Toolkit for MRTK3 based on the internal Figma file made by a colleague designer
  • Figma content optimized based on ISV customer’s need
  • Published the initial preview version to the Figma community


  • Authored technical and conceptual documentation (e.g. Mixed Reality Design Language introduction)
  • Wrote design guidelines for UX building blocks
  • Created visual assets for documents – images, diagrams, videos
  • Collaborated with the content team to author and publish guidelines

Branding & Promotion Content

  • Produced MRTK3 brand assets and guidelines for coherent communication and promotion