Drawing Star Wars in VR world with Tilt Brush

I love doodling and sketching things. Especially I like three-dimensional perspective drawings such as skyscraper and big mechanical objects. I love the feeling of creating the world of illusion on two-dimensional paper.

Now with AR/VR/MR devices, drawing experience is being changed dramatically. Since you can literally draw in 3D space, you don’t have to create the ‘illusion’ because it is real 3D drawing. You just need to think a little bit about how to express volumetric objects in space with dots, lines and surfaces.

Recently, I spent some time with Tilt Brush on HTC VIVE VR device, sketched a battle scene from Star Wars with various types of spaceships that I love — Star Destroyer, X-Wing, TIE Fighter… I have been drawing these spaceships a lot on 2D paper but being able to draw three-dimensionally in space gives me whole different way of thinking and perspective. In near future, I can imagine the drawing foundation classes in art schools teaching how to sketch in three-dimensional canvas using AR/VR/MR devices. It is truly exciting moment to explore the new canvas.

Here is the video record of the final scene including the drawing process for each spaceship. I have included the link to Tilt Brush file if you want to experience with your Vive.


Star Destroyer (from 2:35)

Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (from 6:09)

Corellian corvette (from 8:12)

TIE Fighter (from 19:50)

Millenium Falcon (from 12:49)

X-Wing (from 15:54)

Imperial Shuttle (from 17:47)

Rebel Transport (from 10:43)