Typography Insight with Adobe Typekit

Typography Insight + Adobe Typekit

I am excited to announce that Typography Insight for iPad/iPhone now supports Adobe Typekit®. Thanks to Adobe Creative SDK, you can access thousands of fonts from Adobe Typekit by signing in with Adobe ID. Can’t wait to see how design students, educators, and professionals start leveraging Typekit’s rich library for learning, teaching and researching types. The update is available on iOS App Store now.

About Typography Insight

Typography Insight is a toolkit for experiencing, learning & teaching typography. It was published on iOS about five years ago and embraced by the design and education communities. Last year, I brought this app to Windows and HoloLens.

Typography Insight is composed of multiple tools. Below are the snippets of each component.

Juxtaposing Comparison

You can compare two different typefaces in synchronized scale and pan movement. This allows you easily observe and compare the subtle detail shapes and elements of typefaces.

Overlaying Comparison

You can compare two typefaces by overlaying on top of each other.

Type Inspector

Observe the detail shapes of types through different types of sample text such as glyph view and paragraph view.

Type Anatomy

Learn about basic terminologies and the detail elements of typefaces.

Historical Typefaces

Understand different characteristics of historically important typefaces.


Learn about type size measurement and the units.


Train your eyes for the balanced letter space.

The Basics

Learn the fundamentals of typography


Here are the links to the site and the app stores:
Typography Insight web site
Typography Insight for iPhone (iTunes App Store)
Typography Insight for iPad (iTunes App Store)