Typography Insight has been featured on App Store!

My app Typography Insight has been featured as ‘App of the Day’ in the App Store in 119 countries including Australia, France, and Germany!

Intro article by Apple

“This app could be just your type. Typography Insight will make you think differently about the words you see every day. It’s, unsurprisingly, all about typography: why letters look the way they do, how to make them look perfect for print or pixels, and what the difference is between a typeface and a font.

The app isn’t a dull list of typefaces. It’s excitingly interactive, enabling you to experiment with kerning (the space between letters) to see how it transforms the way text looks, and to compare the same characters in different typefaces. You’ll discover the elements of typesetting, the anatomy of typefaces and why some typefaces look better than others at certain sizes.
Learn to appreciate the intricacies of typefaces.

The app integrates tightly with iOS, enabling you to look in detail at all the fonts on your iPhone, and you can also connect to Adobe’s Creative Cloud and explore the huge library of fonts in Adobe Typekit. Typography Insight for iPhone has obvious appeal for people studying or working in the design and print industries, but it’s also a fascinating app in its own right. You don’t need to know your ascenders from your descenders or your Arial from your Edwardian Script to benefit from some typographic insight. Just one word of warning: once you’re aware of how to do it properly, you’ll spot bad typography everywhere.”

I am excited to announce that Typography Insight has been updated to support dark mode in iOS 13. http://typeinsight.org

  • Completely updated and optimized for iPad Pro and iPhone X series!
  • Interact with beautiful typefaces on a large screen
  • Now you can observe and compare all system fonts
  • Color support for Type Inspector and Juxtaposed comparison
  • Redesigned Type Anatomy section.
  • Added support for color options in Type Inspector.

Typography Insight is a toolkit for learning & teaching typography, designed for those who love type. You can learn about historically important typefaces, observe and compare them. Now you can access system fonts and thousands of fonts from Adobe Typekit with Adobe ID.

Fast Company

“It’s more like an exquisite museum exhibit than a musty textbook.” “Anyone who loves books, words, history, or fine art — even in the slightest bit — will find Typography Insight as intoxicating as Wikipedia and as fun as a video game.”

The Atlantic

“Learning the subtleties of Helvetica and Garamond used to be a pain—but a sleek new app has made the process easier” “Typography Insight: iPad App Teaches Fonts Like Never Before”


“Typography Insight is sort of like an iPad typeface encyclopedia. Only encyclopedias are boring, and Typography Insight is beautiful and fun.” “Typography Insight Makes Learning Fonts Gorgeous and Easy”
“Turned on by serifs and stems? Then you’ll love Typography Insight. Very slick, very informative.”“This is like taking a beautiful coffee-table book and making it interactive.”


  • Juxtaposing Comparison – Understand the detail differences between the typefaces with side by side comparison
  • Overlaying Comparison: Compare two typefaces by overlaying on top of each other
  • Type inspector: Observe the detail shapes of typefaces such as serif, counter, and ear in very large scale, with pinch and pan gesture
  • Basics: Learn about the basics of typography and simple tips for making a readable page
  • Typeface Anatomy: Learn about the elements and terminologies of typefaces
  • Historical typefaces: Understand different characteristics of historically important typefaces
  • Adobe Typekit font library support: Access thousands of fonts from Adobe Typekit by signing-in with Adobe ID
  • System font library support: Observe and compare all iOS system font