HoloLens 2 Announcement Partner Projects

Feb 2019, Developer Experience Design | Cognition | Microsoft


For HoloLens 2 announcement at MWC 19 Barcelona, Microsoft worked with multiple partner companies to bring their apps to HoloLens 2. As a UX designer, I worked with the engineering team to design and integrate the new hand-tracking and eye-tracking input interactions and polish the overall user experience.


  • Design consultation on the spatial UI and near/far hand interactions
  • Collaborated with designers and engineers from partner companies to identify design problems and find the right solutions
  • Helped visual design and design integration into Unity projects
  • Design iterations on unique input interactions such as eye-tracking based content control
  • Helped the team to find and adopt proper components and building blocks from MRTK
  • Updated MRTK’s UX building blocks to achieve customer’s specific requirements
  • Opened and tracked UX bugs/feature requests with MRTK engineering team
  • Contributed updates back to MRTK project


The team was able to complete a successful stage demo and partner booth demos.


HoloLens 2 announcement at MWC19 Barcelona

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