Holographic Weather App

Sep 2018, Mixed Reality | Microsoft

Since the launch of HoloLens 1st gen in 2016, the weather hologram has been introduced in various HoloLens marketing videos. The concept videos introduced beautiful 3D models of a specific locations with weather conditions. However, it would be almost impossible to create 3D models for all cities around the world. When I started a collaboration with Bing Maps team for Maps SDK for Mixed Reality, I imagined the possibilities of using Bing 3D Maps with weather API’s data to create a holographic weather widget object.

Weather hologram example from HoloLens marketing videos

Bing 3D Maps SDK for Mixed Reality + OpenWeatherMap API

With new 3D Maps SDK, I could easily access latitude and longitude of the city locations with names. Using this data, I integrated OpenWeatherMap’s API to retrieve weather data for a specific location. Below prototype shows the example of using 3D Maps + weather data. For displaying the weather data, I used holographic type floating above the 3D maps model.

Early Prototype

Mixed Reality Capture with HoloLens 2

Contributed to Bing 3D Maps SDK GitHub as an example scene.