At the Mixed Reality Design team, I am leading the design effort on the developer & creator ecosystem experience for Mixed Reality, focusing on the open-source projects. Our team is working closely with the engineering and research team to build and share the building blocks of the common spatial interaction patterns and UI controls for HoloLens. In this process, as a designer who has a technical background and published apps on various platforms, I help the team integrate and realize the design vision by polishing visual and interaction design of the controls, creating example scenes to demonstrate the building blocks, and writing design & development guidelines. I enjoy every moment of my work as a designer who can connect design and engineering. We are building the future of spatial computing and mixed reality.

• Open source projects: Mixed Reality Toolkit(MRTK) and Mixed Reality Design Labs(MRDL)
Design guidelines on Windows Dev Center
Common UX building blocks & sample apps
Mixed Reality Academy tutorial
Developer community engagement
Partner company engagement
• Internal tools design
• Cross-group collaborations

Mixed Reality Toolkit v2 for HoloLens 2

Open-source mixed reality building blocks for developers and creators with new HoloLens 2’s Hand tracking and Eye tracking input

HoloLens 2 Partners

HoloLens 2 Launch Partner Projects

Showcase projects for HoloLens 2 announcement at MWC 19 Barcelona


Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) v1

Open-source mixed reality building blocks for common spatial interactions and UI controls


Mixed Reality Design Labs (MRDL)

Design team’s open-source project for sharing experimental sample apps and examples

Periodic Table for HoloLens

Periodic Table of the Elements

An open-source sample app for HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality immersive headset

Holo Sketch

HoloSketch for HoloLens

Spatial layout and UX sketching tool for HoloLens

Holographic Weather Cube with Maps SDK

A holographic weather app made with Bing Map’s 3D data and Open Weather API

MR Community Engagement

Activities on mixed reality developer and creator community engagement

Mixed Reality Tutorial

Motion Controller Tutorial

Tutorial for Windows Mixed Reality’s 6-DoF Motion Controller

Holographic UX Guidelines

UX design guidelines for the HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality Academy

Various projects on mixed reality education for third-party partners and community

Tokyo HoloLens Meetup

Presentation at the largest HoloLens community in Japan


Type In Space for HoloLens 2

The new version of Type In Space for HoloLens 2. The project started from scratch with MRTK v2 to support HoloLens 2’s fully articulated hand tracking input. Wrote a story on designing & developing Type In Space to share the learning and insight with the community.

Type In Space

Type is beautiful in HoloLens. With Type In Space, you can lay out and experience text in the real-world environment. Two-handed gesture gives you an intuitive way for scaling and rotating type. Snap to surface feature lets you lay out text on the physical surface with spatial mapping. You can control various properties of the type such as font, color, and rotation axis constraint. Since you can view the type from different angles, you can use this for designing architectural signage, book cover, or logotype.

Typography Insight for HoloLens

Typography Insight for HoloLens

Toolkit for spatial type layout and reference

Holographic Type Sculpture

Large-scale holographic type composition

News Space for HoloLens

News Space for HoloLens

Spatial news headline visualizer

Museum of Type

Virtual museum for Type


MICROSOFT | 2011 – 2015

As a UX designer, I worked with program managers, engineers, and user researchers to achieve the best content consumption experience for Microsoft’s MSN/Bing News, Weather, Sports, Finance(Money), Travel, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink apps for Windows, iOS and Android as well as In a small design team of 5-10 people, covered the entire design process – ideation, sketching, prototyping, information architecture, navigation, data visualization, interaction design, visual design, and branding. As a designer who has engineering experience established a deep collaboration relationship with the engineering team and drove hands-on ‘design-integration’ in the production phase to achieve the pixel-perfect design. By several media, These app suites were considered as the best Windows apps that showcase Microsoft’s new ‘metro’ design language with rich-content and fluid user experience.

MSN/Bing Sports

Sports App for Windows 8

Metro style default app suite for Windows 8
Sep 2011 – May 2012

MSN Finance

Finance App for Windows 8

Metro style default app suite for Windows 8
Sep 2011 – May 2012

Sports Windows Phone 8

Sports App for Windows Phone 8

Metro style default app suite for Windows Phone 8
May – Aug 2013


Health & Fitness App for Windows 8

Metro style default app suite for Windows 8.1
Jan – June 2013

HnF Windows Phone8

Health & Fitness App for Windows Phone 8

Metro style default app suite for Windows 8.1
Dec 2013 – Feb 2014


MSN Apps for iOS and Android

MSN app suite for cross-platform devices
May – Dec 2014

MSN Windows10

MSN Apps for Windows 10

Universal Windows Platform in-box apps for Windows 10
Jan – June 2015

Windows Bridge for iOS

Microsoft open-source project – iOS bridge solution
Oct – May 2015


Typography Insight

Typography Insight is a toolkit for learning & teaching typography, designed for those who love type. You can learn about historically important typefaces, observe and compare them. Since its launch in 2011, Typography Insight has been embraced by design and creative community. Featured on Fast Company, The Atlantic and Gizmodo. Listed No.2 in the Top Paid Apps (US App Store/Education), featured on App Store several times.

iOS Programming Book – 도전! 아이폰 프로그래밍

Author, Best-selling iOS programming book in Korea
2012 | 2nd Edition

iOS Programming Book – 도전! 아이폰4 프로그래밍

Author, Best-selling iOS programming book in Korea
2011 | 1st Edition

Pori Fashion Show

Pori Fashion Show

Paper doll game for kids



Casual 2D game with physics engine

Parsons School of Design

Parsons The New School for Design

Official brochure app for Parsons School of Design


Twit Knoll

Experimental Twitter client for iPad


Economy +-

Interactive data visualization of the financial market and news data

Type Explorer

Type Explorer

Interactive 3D timeline of the historical typefaces