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4. Question&Audience

Monday, November 15th, 2010


How can I provide a more instant and easier way to learn, reference, and play with typography by leveraging technological advances in tablet platform devices?

With this question in mind, I could now think about possible audiences, types of design and content. Since my project focuses on form and historical content, I defined my primary audience as students who are studying typography in design school. However, after meeting designers and typography lovers, I realized that they also love touching and seeing beautiful typefaces in large scale. Consequently, I defined my secondary audience as designers and typography nerds that are enthusiastic about typography.

When thinking about the students, I asked: what kind of application and content could be designed that best suits their needs? The application could be a reference tool, a learning tool, or an information design. The content could include the history of typefaces, a list of designers, and/or their relationships.

• History of typefaces
• Designers
• Relationships
• Specimen
• Sample text
• Application examples
• Comparisons
• Type setting

From these topics, I wondered: what kind of elements can be way better in tablet devices than books or computers? This question was my starting point for generating ideas and sketching.


My intention is not to replace traditional methodologies, such as using tracing paper and inks to draw and understand the form of typefaces.  Rather, my project is about how the experience of learning and referencing typography can be enhanced with new digital media platforms.


Students, Designers

To begin my design approach for this audience, I started putting together descriptions that define the audience in more detail.

Primary Audience : Students
– Are beginning typography study
– Want to learn about detail design of historical typefaces
– Want to memorize important typefaces
– Want to have keen eyes for type
– Want to see the relationships between historical typefaces and their designers.

Secondary Audience : Designers and Typography nerds
– Already have certain amount of knowledge about typefaces
– Want to see subtle differences in type design
– Want to design a identity/logo from historical typefaces and
– Want to explore the detailed shapes of individual types.
– Know and appreciate the artistically subtle design and shapes of typefaces
– Have professional knowledge about typefaces,
– Love to see the gorgeous shapes of typefaces in various scales, with clear vector cruves
– Want to touch beautiful typefaces at large scales, in their hands