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6. Class Presentations

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Presentation at Print Studio class(Prof. Pablo Medina), Communication Design, Parsons – 11/09/2010

Presentation at Core Studio class(Prof. Catherine Garnie), Communication Design, Parsons – 12/02/2010

Fortunately, I had chances to introduce my project to the BFA Communication Design students in Print Studio by prof. Pablo Medina and in Core Studio by prof. Catherine Garnie. In both classes I could meet many junior students and they shared very similar experiences with me in learning typography. They said it was very difficult to understand the small differences and the comparison prototypes of Type Insight would be really helpful in studying typefaces. In general, students were excited in a new way of studying and learning typography with tablet devices.

In peer review, some of the students suggested the possibility of containing modern and contemporary typefaces so that this application can be aslo utilized by current designers in the industry. Additionally, there was a suggestion about brining this platform to different languages such as Korean, Chinese and Japanese typefaces.