MSN/Bing Health & Fitness for Windows 8.1

Jan – Jun 2013, Applications, Media and Publishing(AMP) | Applications and Services Group(ASG) | Microsoft

The Bing Health & Fitness app is a personal companion for everyday living. We designed this app based on the belief that by bringing together nutrition, fitness and medical information customized to users’ own personal needs, they can learn about their health and make smart decisions to lead a healthy life. Combining these things in one comprehensive app allows users to quickly learn about what’s happening with their body and discover ways to maintain or change lifestyle with helpful and easy to understand content.

From initial concept designs, just like Sports and Finance app, I continued exploring the bold use of imagery and typography for fitness content and medical data. With these ideas, to achieve rich content consumption experience, we had created our own photo and video content with fitness media partner. In this project, I spent a long time for optimizing information architecture and navigation structure to minimize user’s effort for finding the right information. I had a great collaboration with designer Yash Misra in Microsoft India in various areas such as visual design language, exercise tracker, nutrition tracker and human body 3D viewer.