MSN Apps for iOS and Android

Apr – Dec 2014, Information & Content Experiences(ICE) | ASG | Microsoft
MSN Apps for iOS

As Common UX designer, I led overall information architecture, the visual design of common elements such as hero, quick access, navigation bar and article entity clusters. Microsoft’s modern design language was well blended with iOS 7’s new design and Android’s material design. I tried to bring our MSN app brand into the design while honoring standard UX patterns of iOS/Android. I developed grid system to support various types of iOS/Android devices and screen orientations.

As an experienced iOS developer, I also contributed to design integration and design optimization for new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices. I made early design sketches and prototypes with Objective-C code before the project kick-off, to help team envision how our apps would look like on iOS devices. This prototype made design team proactively drive the project plan, design direction, and content migration strategy.

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